POS-n-go Retail

A full featured POS for retail shops, specialty grocery, bookstores, hair salons, pet groomers, spas and consignment based businesses.

Flexible Hardware

Elegant counter top all-in-one devices include a large screen, receipt printer, barcode scanner, cash drawer and customer facing display. Portable devices allow you to sell anywhere.

Integrated Payments

Streamline your customer checkout experience while eliminating balancing issues with integrated payments or all-in-one smart terminals with built-in payments. Choose from payment processors with the lowest rates including Chase Paymentech, Clover, Elavon, Global Payments, Nuvei and Stripe.

Customer Focused

Grow and connect to your customer base with real-time customer management, purchase history, responsive email receipts, loyalty points, custom reloadable gift cards and customer centric reports.

Online Store

Sell some or all of your products online with your custom branded store. Choose if you process payments online or in-store and from endless shipping configurations. One system means easy inventory management and consolidated reporting.

What Our Clients Say

"Its the best POS system I’ve ever worked on, and I’ve worked on a lot. It's so nice and simple. POS-n-go is really well designed, streamlined, and fantastic."


Amanda, Twin Pines Clothing & Accessories

Inventory Management

Managing your inventory is a breeze with reorder reports, supplier product codes, commissions, serial numbers, unlimited product attributes and current and historical inventory reports. All with the precision and accountability that a stock diary provides.

Certified Legal Trade Scale

An integrated certified legal trade scale with dual displays combined with our flexible per unit weight pricing ensures simple weighed product handling. Weight or price encoded barcodes or keyed in weight can be used with other scales.

Appointment Book

A powerful appointment book for hair salons, pet groomers, tanning, spas and professional services. Products and services can be associated to the appointment for the fastest check out experience. Optionally send text message appointment reminders with customer confirmation (3¢ per text).

Online Booking

The fastest and easiest online booking that is integrated to your appointment book. Time based services are ideal for hair salon sequential appointments. Time and unit services handle dog groomer style overlapping appointments.


Our BookNet integration means that bookstores can automatically retrieve author, title and price information. The online store automatically retrieves full description information and the book cover image.

Manage & Report From Anywhere

Our secure web portal allows you to manage your business from anywhere. View the dashboard, make changes or run any of the 70+ business insight reports. Multifactor authentication and real-time backup ensure that your data is safe.

Reliable Hybrid Solution

The cloud is great until its your peak busy time and your internet goes down. Our order processing does not depend on the internet. You have all the benefits of our secure web portal for easy setup, reporting and automatic backup combined with the reliability of a hybrid solution.