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The freedom to choose.


Restaurants, Cafés, Pubs, Bars & Nightclubs.


Retail Shops, Bookstores, Grocery, Salons, Spas, Groomers & Consignment.


Freedom for Hardware


Any Modern Android Phone

7" Tablet

7" or 8" Android Tablets

10" Tablet

10" Android Tablets

Poynt P5

Poynt 5" Smart Terminal

Poynt P7

Poynt 7" Smart Terminal

PAX A920

PAX A920 and A920 Pro

Elo PayPoint

Elo 13.3" All-In-One

Elo PayPoint Plus

Elo 15.6" All-In-One

Elo I-Series

Elo 15" to 22" Tablets

Freedom for Payments

Chase Paymentech

Desk 5000


Flex, Mini


Desk 5000, Online Store

Global Payments

Desk 5000, Move 5000


Dejavoo Z8, Z9, Z11, Online Store


Online Store

#1 Choice for Small Business

Industry leading features.

No hidden fees or contracts.

Extensive payment integrations.

Intuitive "no training needed" operation.

Easy and secure management and reporting.

Lowest cost service and flexible hardware options.

One Unlimited Package

In-store and Online

One Low Price




CAD / month / tablet

What Our Clients Say

"Its super easy to use. The staff absolutely love it. It’s user friendly, that’s why we got another one for the cafe. The reports at end of the day are perfect."


Tammy, Yahk Soap and Candle Company

International solution.

English, French, Spanish & German.